Friday, 15 April 2011

In Partnership with West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue


Most Friday evenings see a group of young people from the YOT attending reparation sessions at fire stations across north and south Kirklees. West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue are a long standing partner of the YOT and offer the benefit of their first hand experience of the consequences of offences involving firestarting and car crime.

The young people attending sessions here have usually been involved in offences such as arson or dangerous driving and they are structured to address the likely outcome of these using interactive group work involving discussion based around relevant video footage.  Following on from this young people undertake reparation that may take a number of forms as shown in the photos above.  During recent sessions young people have helped by washing fire service vehicles and also by going out into areas identified as hotspots to deliver a variety of fire safety leaflets. Some of these leaflets are shown above.

On the basis that two of the YOT’s main aims are to address offending behaviour and to redress harm caused to communities through reparation, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service are an invaluable resource

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Restorative Justice in the News

BBC News - Restorative Justice

Not Kirklees but an interesting story involving restorative justice and empowering victims. Click on the BBC News link above for the full details