Friday, 4 February 2011

Huddersfield Examiner 1/2/11 - National Trust Press Release

A mention in the local press about the YOT's work with the National Trust at Marsden Moor

Positive Feedback From Young People

Central Stars (previously Project D), based in Huddersfield, is an invaluable resource providing a youth club for disabled children in Kirklees. We at the YOT are fortunate enough to access the club to enable young people to carry out reparation the benefits of which are many.

As well as putting something positive, constructive and meaningful back into the community it helps greatly to break down any barriers or misconceptions about those with disabilities.

At the end of a series of sessions young people who have carried out reparation reflect on their experience and complete a feedback form to put their thoughts down on paper.  Above is just such a form completed by a young person who recently went to Central Stars and found it extremely positive experience